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NOTE: If you don't apply this strategy, you could have a huge list, send them the best emails using MailEngageX, and still not get the best results from your effort. Do you really want that?

Once again, congratulations for making the wise decision to get MailEngageX.

We can assure you that this is one of the best moves you’ve made this year in your internet marketing journey.

Why did we say this?

Well, 'the money is in the list!' AND ‘Email marketing is the only way to get that money’

You’ve heard these a million times. And you know they are true.

Now, if you're like us, you only care about one thing.

That ‘one thing’ is not big lists or good emails, but RESULTS.

You care about huge SALES and MONEY…and that’s what you want to get from your email marketing!


Unfortunately, over 90% of internet marketers don’t get the kind of results they desire from their email marketing.

Even those top email marketers are not exempted.

They are satisfied with their results, without knowing that they could be making much more money than they are currently doing.

The problem is: they don’t do their email marketing properly...

They are busy building lists, promoting offers and trying to sell products.

But they fail to do the actual email marketing the right way

That’s why they don’t get the level of results and profits their list could be giving them.

Now, Here’s a Shocking and Disturbing Truth:

Over the past couple months, we have come to understand that so many MailEngageX users suffer the same fate.

They realize that email marketing will make their online business work for them, and even create a small fortune from it.

So after buying some list building courses, they decide to give email marketing a go.

Because they’ve studied these courses, they begin to think they have mastered everything there is to know about email marketing…

So they spend money to get access to MailEngageX so they can create top notch emails - and even more money to build a list.

They create their email campaigns, send emails every day, market product after product - and even promote ‘proven to convert’ offers.

Then The Reality Dawns On Them:

For some reasons unknown to them, they can’t make good sales and profit from their email marketing.

These people begin to wonder what the problem could be.

They spent a good deal of time and money to build their lists, but they can’t sell anything to the list.

And they can’t make money from the list.

They start getting frustrated…especially when they see the impressive results other people are getting from their own email marketing.

Most of them begin to think that it must be the emails they are using…

…and that the money they spent to get access to MailEngageX is a waste.

So they go ahead and hire an overpriced email copywriter at thousands of dollars.

But the same thing happens: their sales dashboards still reads zero.

That’s unfair. Isn’t it?

Even Veteran Marketers Experience The Same Thing.

Sometimes, their email marketing campaigns stops bringing in good results, huge sales and big profits.

So they abandon the list and rush to build another one…

…believing the problem is that they’ve milked their current list dry.

But that is not true.

Think about it this way:

The subscribers in your list are human beings.

They buy what you promote because those products will help solve their problems.

And for sure, those subscribers will always have one problem or the other, and so should continue buying from your forever.

I mean it.

Every Subscriber In Your List Should Be a Life Time Buyer. And Your List Should Be A Source Of Residual Income For Life.

So when your email marketing campaigns stop converting, it’s not that you have milked the list dry. It’s because you are doing some things wrong.

And it’s possible for veteran marketers who were extremely successful with email marketing in the past, to start doing things wrongly.

This is because email marketing is changing every day.

What worked in 2017 is no longer working now.

Even what worked just last month may not be working any more.

And unless you learn the latest strategies that work in the second quarter of 2018, you will keep making deadly sales killing mistakes.

Well, when we finally figured this out, we decided to take action.

So we created a top notch course that will help you catapult your sales and profits with email marketing.

So instead of getting frustrated into thinking that the problem is from the emails you send…

…instead of abandoning your million dollar list thinking that you’ve milked it dry…

…and instead of giving up because you think that this email marketing thing might not be for you…

…it will be much better to get this email marketing course.

This is the best way we know that you can finally double, triple or even quadruple your sales and profits with the power of email marketing.

That is why we’re giving you access to this powerful course.


Email Writing Playbook

Email Writing Playbook is a step-by-step video course that will teach you brutally effective email marketing strategies…

…strategies that will tickle your prospect's buying gland into a frenzy, unlocking a torrent of sales, profits and happiness for you.

It will show you how to build a list and literally turn even the smallest list into instant ATM machines!

But that’s not all though...

Inside Email Writing Playbook,

Your Are Going To Discover...

How to build and grow a super-responsive email list fast

How to find the right subscribers who will be always eager to hear from you and buy whatever you promote to them

How many times you should be emailing your subscribers for maximum profits, without burning them out.

Power words you should use in your emails to trigger positive responses of your subscribers

How to connect to your subscribers on an emotional angle so they can’t resist buying from you

And lots more

So you see, this is not another one of those boring courses that regurgitates the same old information we have heard over and over again!

The strategies inside Email Writing Playbook are backed by tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours spent cracking the code.

And unlike most courses out there that cover just one aspect like list building, this extensive training course covers all aspects of email marketing.

What's More?

Because we understand that you learn faster and remember more of what you see and hear than what you read, we have made this course available in video format.

And we don’t also want you to become overwhelmed…

…and that’s why the course is split up into bite sized chunks... short and straight to the point, so you get what you want in a matter of hours...

You will have a blast going through the course, and each and every minute will knock your socks off.

You’ll be putting your palm on your forehead and saying, “where has this information been all my life?”… because it’s that good!

Now, You May Be Wondering WHY You Need This Course After Buying MailEngageX.

So let me make clear to you one reason that makes it essential.

MailEngageX will help you make more money with emails...

...but Email Writing Playbook will show you exactly:

How to build a responsive list

And how to use those emails to push people to bring out their credit cards, and buy whatever you are promoting.

Now, How Much Is A Resource Like This Worth?

Well, it’s hard to put a value on something that can help you make more money than you can imagine.

To give you an idea of what this course is worth, let’s shock you a bit.

Do you know that some gurus package similar information and sell it at $997, as a high ticket training offer?

Yes, they do, and many people pay…

…And that’s because they know that at the end, they will earn back that amount a hundred times over.

However, even though this course has more value for you than those high ticket training offers, we aren’t going to ask you to pay $997.

We aren’t even going to ask you to invest $497 or even $97, even though it will be a steal at that price.

Guess What?

For getting access to MailEngageX, and for reading this letter to this point, we’re going to reward you for it.

And that’s by making Email Writing Playbook available to you at a dirty cheap price of…

Are You Still Reading?

The reason you ordered MailEngageX is because you understand the power of email marketing…

…and you want to use it to make more money.

That’s the same reason you should get this course now.

Because without it, you may not know how to MAXIMIZE the emails you write!

In that case, your investment in MailEngageX will become a total waste.

The Bottom Line Is This:

What you need to end your struggles to make money on the internet…

…and finally become like those guys making millions of dollar per year, is finally here!

But the clock is ticking... we can’t promise this offer will be around forever.

And if you close this page without taking action, you may never access it again because it is a one-time-offer.

The Ultimate Choice Is Up To You.

You can add this course to MailEngageX which you have purchased, and have the complete package you need to make more money with email marketing…

…or you can leave this page and go with only MailEngageX.

But make sure you don’t blame yourself later for passing this over…

…and don’t come back to us begging to give you a second chance to get this one-time-offer.

And Don't Forget That Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed!

We look forward to hearing your personal success story.

To your internet marketing success,

Neil Napier

Email Marketer

Vipul Garg

Owner at LetX

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